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The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland is the church of approximately four million people, who are members of the parish of their home town. We want to be a church for all people – regardless of background – so we welcome everyone to attend our activities.

Worship is at the heart of parish life. Turn up at any church in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland on any day, however, and you’ll find all sorts of other things going on as well.

The Church provides support for the whole community in a variety of ways, e.g. for schools. Studying and life’s daily chores offer their own troubles and joys for the young. The Church is there for you: University Chaplain of Mikkeli Lutheran Parish is available to listen and chat.

Polku 3/2022

The Summer Days of Beauty

The summer days of beauty
in blessedness are come.
The flowers are rejoicing
to feel the gleaming sun
in grace arisen brightly
o’er fields of golden grain
so warm and all restoring,
that nature lives again.

The fragrance of the meadows,
the planting in the vale,
the whispers of the forest
through branches green and hale –
these wonders all remind us
how great the stores of wealth
of Him whose hand has made us,
who gives us life and health.

Hymn 571, 1–2
(Finnish hymn book)

Polku 1/2022

Happy New Year!

It is the beginning of year 2022. I don’t know how many times I have said Happy New Year. Quite many, but every time I say it, I really mean it.

These last two years haven’t been easy. But I hope something good has happened to you also. We don’t know what kind of a year this 2022 will be, but I really hope that many good things are waiting for you.

Whether you are in Mikkeli as a student or a visitor, or living here permanently, you are in a good place. After all, you are in a town named after archangel Michael.

Feel welcome to see us in the Crypt of Mikkeli Cathedral. You will find the dates of our English Services from our website. With this prayer by Douglas Ruschman, I wish you Happy New Year.

“God of all time, help us enter the New Year quietly, thoughtful of who we are to ourselves and to others, mindful that our steps make an impact, and our words carry power.
May we walk gently.
May we speak only after we have listened well.
Creator of all life, help us enter the New Year reverently, aware that you have endowed every creature and plant, every person and habitat with beauty and purpose.
May we regard the world with tenderness.
May we honor rather than destroy.
Lower of all souls, help us enter the New Year joyfully, willing to laugh and dance and dream, remembering our many gifts with thanks and looking forward to blessings yet to come.
May we welcome your lavish love. In this New Year, may the grace and peace of Christ bless us now, and in the days ahead.”

Jaana Pietiläinen
University Chaplain

International activities – Mikkelin tuomiokirkkoseurakunta